The right place at the right time!  We were very fortunate to be on vacation in LA, hiking along the shoreline and saw these beautiful creatures only about 100 yards or less off the beach.  At first we thought there was only one gray whale and ran to get our drone from the car.  Once we were hovering over the location, we realized that this must be a family.  We saw an up close view of them playing, diving down and shooting rainbows as they take a breath.  Take a look at our 2 minute video for a unique view of this unexpected wildlife encounter.


SKYLink Drones owner Eric Petrie, attended the International Drone Expo in Los Angeles, CA.  The expo featured companies that are pioneering this constantly changing market.  Here various areas in the industry were on display, such as first responders, cinematographers and drone racers.

Our company was primarily interested in how infrared technology is capable of saving lives.  Firefighters risk their lives every day by blindly attempting to vent a fire.  With the use of infrared cameras, Firefighters can clearly locate hot spots, determine where the core of the fire is and reduce the risk of being on a weak area of the building.  Drone infrared technology is also key to locating lost or missing persons from an optimal vantage point.